Reinforced concrete is commonly used in poured interior and exterior flatwork as well as cast-in-place walls. Reinforcement for on-the-ground slabs, feed bunks, slats, above-ground bunkers, manure tanks, beams, columns, footings, and foundation walls is available at StelCrete.

Feedlots and waste management structures are made from precast concrete components that use pre-assembled reinforcing. Reinforced concrete structures used in agriculture require the ability to withstand weathering, wetting, temperature changes, and abrasive uses. StelCrete's reinforcing products are designed to meet these harsh environments. Animal waste generally means livestock manure or other materials normally included in animal waste handling operations. StelCrete supplies reinforcing products to accommodate animal waste management and the construction of feedlots on farms and zoos. StelCrete engineers work with agribusiness to provide special reinforcing products for such facilities as picket dams for handling manure. StelCrete supplies reinforcing rebar and mat assemblies for the following range of poured-in-place and precast concrete structures:

List of poured-in-place and precast structures using pre-assembled rebar cages or mesh.

  • Floor slabs in concrete barns

  • Columns and beams

  • Feed bunks

  • Bunker and silo walls

  • Water tanks


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Feed Bunk

Feed Bunk

Pre-assemblies for concrete feed bunks

Silo Walls

Silo walls

Pre-assembled cage for silo walls