Poured-In-Place Construction

Poured-In-Place Construction

Poured-in-place construction is laying forms where a structure will be, then trucking in or making on site a concrete mix that is poured into those forms. Once poured, the structure will not be moved to a different location. StelCrete works with designers and contractors to reduce onsite labour costs by supplying pre-assembled reinforcement. Pre-assemblies help make projects more affordable and increase the level of quality and standardization of the reinforcement. StelCrete supplies reinforcing rebar and mat assemblies for the following range of poured-in-place concrete structures:

List of poured-in-place structures using pre-assembled rebar cages or mesh.

  • Rebar cages for beams

  • Reinforcing assemblies for girders

  • Reinforcement cages for columns and caissons

  • Pre-assemblies for floors and landings

  • Pre-assemblies for concrete components of water and wastewater treatment facilities and pumping stations

Industrial Floor

Industrial Floor

Wastewater Treatment Facility Clarifier

Wastewater Treatment

High Rise Residential Construction

Building cage


Following is a selection of projects that represent the capabilities of StelCrete to fabricate pre-assembled rebar cages and mesh pre-assemblies for poured-in-place construction

Nuclear Waste Storage Facility Building #3

Salit Steel provided 300 tonnes of steel that was placed in the floor slab to support the nuclear waste containers. Salit worked with the contractor and engineer, NA Engineering Associates Inc. to apply 75 tonnes of pre-assembled reinforcement in the carpet roll method for the building floor. The pre-assembled reinforcement was produced in the Welland plant of StelCrete. more…

Compost Facility

The reinforcement for the foundations and walls of the facility were welded into pre-assembled mats and transported to the facility and installed by the contractor who completed the project in record time. The pre-assembled mats were supplied by StelCrete. more…

Maple Leaf Square Towers

Salit Steel supplied the rebar along with specially designed pre-assemblies for beams and columns for poured-in-place concrete beams and columns of the towers. The beams and columns were pre-assembled inside StelCrete’s Welland facility in a controlled environment with no weather restrictions. The assemblies were all tied, not welded according to the Reinforcing Steel Institute of Ontario Manual of Standard Practice (tying of reinforcing steel). more…