Buried Infrastructure

Burried Infrastructure

Precast concrete infrastructure has been used for more than 100 years in North America. The use of wire and rebar in buried infrastructure adds strength to products to withstand loads in highways, local roadways, runways, railroads and parking areas. Despite the size of operation, all precasters require reinforcing steel for their products, and many are moving to acquiring pre-assembled cages and mesh to speed up production and reduce overhead costs. StelCrete supplies reinforcing assemblies for the following range of concrete products:

List of precast concrete products using pre-assembled rebar cages or mesh.

  • Mesh for pipe cages

  • Pre-assemblies for manhole cones and bases

  • Pre-assemblies for precast boxes

  • Pre-assemblies for 3-sided segmental bridge units

  • Pre-assemblies for vertical manhole chambers

  • Built-in assemblies for joining wing walls and head walls

  • Lifting devices

  • Pipe plugs

Reinforcement for Concrete Pipe and Manholes



Following is a selection of projects that represent the capabilities of StelCrete to fabricate pre-assembled rebar cages and mesh pre-assemblies for precasters with a core business focus on infrastructure.

Two Piece Precast Headwall for concrete Pipe Produced with Pre-welded Assembly

Hanson Pipe & Precast Ltd. introduced a new product in Ontario called the Hanson Quick HeadWall™. The precast concrete product is a two-piece headwall that installs in the fraction of the time it would take for construction of a cast-in-place structure. The system arrives on site complete with chute blocks and standard lifting devices for a speedy installation. The headwall is used for round and elliptical concrete pipe storm sewer outlets and inlets in pipe sizes commonly ranging from 600 mm to 1800 mm in diameter. more…

Pre-welded Rebar Cages for CON/SPAN Arches

StelCrete is working with Con Cast Pipe in Guelph, Ontario to fabricate pre-welded rebar cages for precast CON/SPAN arches. Precast units were produced for a triple cell bridge on Pannahill Drive in Brampton to accommodate traffic from a development by Barrett Developments Limited located near the north-west corner of the Cottrelle Boulevard extension and The Gore Road. more…