Foundation SlabsThe design and placement of rebar in buildings is a major and critically important area of civil engineering. Rebar is used for commercial, residential, industrial and institutional buildings, and military facilities. Precaster supplying architects, engineers, contractors and building owners rely on StelCrete to deliver reinforcing products that fit the design of projects. StelCrete supplies reinforcing assemblies for the following range of concrete products:

List of precast concrete products using pre-assembled rebar cages or mesh.

  • Wall, floor and ceiling slabs
  • Beams
  • Modular wall panels
  • Foundations (mats, caisson cages and assemblies for columns
  • Pre- assembled reinforcement for platforms and landings
  • Reinforcing assemblies and support brackets for precast stairs


Following is a selection of projects that represent the capabilities of StelCrete to fabricate pre-assembled rebar cages and mesh pre-assemblies for precasters with a core business focus on innovative buildings.


The CANADACAR System the first modular parking structure in North America. The system can be erected as a freestanding structure, or be directly attached, or abutted to an existing building. The mats are shipped from StelCrete Industries to Newton’s Guelph facility and stored inside.