EncasementsStelCrete provides products such as mats for gallery end walls, side walls, ceilings and floors. It also engineers cages for concrete light standards and concrete pipe to house a variety of utility conduits. StelCrete supplies reinforcing rebar and mat assemblies for the following range of concrete products:

List of precast concrete products using pre-assembled rebar cages or mesh.

  • Utility galleries
  • Foundations for light standars
  • Encasements


Following is a selection of projects that represent the capabilities of StelCrete to fabricate pre-assembled rebar cages and mesh pre-assemblies for precasters with a core business focus on infrastructure.

Pre-welded Rebar Supplied to Salit Steel for new Outdoor Crane Runway

StelCrete fabricated the duct bank reinforcing in two halves and in 10 foot lengths. The cages even had pre-welded cross bars to ensure the plastic conduit would be spaced away from the bottom of the rebar cage. more…