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Salit Specialty Rebar (SSR) is the first and only fabricator of stainless steel rebar in North America with a facility located in western New York. SSR stocks over 1,000,000 lbs of stainless rebar allowing the company to be responsive to the needs of its North American customers. The company stocks all sizes of rebar including imperial and metric, and grades 316LN and 2205. The plant uses a stainless only production line to eliminate contamination from black carbon dust.

Technical Information Sheets

SSR TechInfo Sheets


Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mats

Mats are available in two different styles of mesh produced using two different alloys. One product is 6X6 D2.9/D2.9 (gage) that would be assembled in 6-foot x 12-foot mats. The other product is 4X4 D4/D4 (gage) available as 6-foot x 12-foot mats. 

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2304 Duplex UNS-S32304

Rebar has been a primary application for 2304 Duplex stainless. Specific rebar applications have included bridge decks, barrier and retaining walls, anchoring systems and dowels, chemical plant infrastructure, coastal piers and wharves, bridge parapets, sidewalks and bridge pilings. Another application for 2304 Duplex stainless includes bridge tie wire.

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Project Sheets

SSR Project Information Sheets

Kenaston Overpass in Winnipeg 

The City of Winnipeg Public Works Department specified stainless steel rebar reinforcement because of the heavy volume of traffic that would use the overpass, and to minimize long-term downtime of the structure for road repair. Salit Specialty Rebar (SSR) supplied close to 400,000 pounds of stainless steel type 2304 rebar which was used in the road deck, barrier walls, approach slabs and abutments.

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The Stainless Steel Rebar Standard

Salit Specialty Rebar (SSR) publishes a newsletter called The Stainless Rebar Standard that informs readers about the markets served by SSR, projects supplied with stainless steel including special applications and advancements within the company to service clients. The newsletters are archived on StelCrete's Web site to provide clients with a complete story about products and services that are available through the Salit group of companies. Click on the image or date of issue to link with a .pdf file of the newsletter.

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Pre-Assembled Stainless Steel Reinforcing


Complete with stainless steel spacers, all that the precaster has to do is place the assembly into the form and pour the concrete. There are no additional steps, and theprecaster is assured that the specified concrete cover over the reinforcement has been engineered into the design of the assemblies. Pre-assembled reinforcing often contributes to net cost savings for a precaster by reducing labour costs, cost of materials, storage space, and other overhead expenses such as technical upgrades for welding staff and certifications. In addition, precasters may discover additional business opportunities, quality control is assured through the QC program of the company delivering the pre-welded assemblies, floor space requirements for fabricating cages are reduced, cages are delivered when required, fabricators of reinforcing assemblies may have steel purchasing advantages that may be able to be passed on to precasters, and there should be a reduction in plant injuries for theprecaster with reduced fabricating and welding activity.



The use of stainless steel in construction has been steadily increasing since the 1960s in North America. Today it has secured a favorable position as a rebar and mesh reinforcing material, despite its higher capital cost. In an era where sustainable development and the importance to match service life with design life on major public works to conserve resources and to construct assets that hold their value for prolonged periods, stainless steel reinforcing products must be considered in any life cycle or life cycle costing analysis. Elements that must be factored into a life cycle or life cycle cost analysis are maintenance, material and labor costs, additional costs associated with traffic congestion, disruption to services and detours, economic and environmental impacts, and impact on the quality of life of the people affected by the construction and use of the project. Stainless steel rebar will perform for 75 to 100 years in concrete structures.