Bridges and Overpasses

Tangier IslandBridges and overpasses require reinforcement for abutments, support columns, decks and other structural members. Reinforcement may be comprised of different materials, such as carbon and stainless, that can be supplied as pre-assembled modules for fast and safe construction. StelCrete supplies reinforcing rebar and mat assemblies for the following range of concrete products:

List of precast concrete products using pre-assembled rebar cages or mesh.

  • Rebar cages for precast/prestressed beams
  • Reinforcing assemblies for precast/prestressed girders
  • Reinforcement cages for columns and piers


Following is a selection of projects that represent the capabilities of StelCrete to fabricate pre-assembled rebar cages and mesh pre-assemblies for precasters with a core business focus on infrastructure.

Tangier Island Bridge

Stainless steel reinforcing was specified to address construction in a marine environment and any issues related to corrosion. By using stainless steel reinforcing, the useful life of a bridge is dramatically increased. The integrity of the concrete is enhanced significantly, and maintenance costs are much lower or non-existent when stainless steel reinforcing is used. Pre-assembled cages were preferred to reduce the labor costs in the remote Tangier location. The welding had to be accomplished in accordance with AWS D1.5 and D1.6. more…